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    Small Town to County-Wide

    We are uniquely equipped and positioned to help local governments implement technologies that make neighborhoods smarter and safer. Community leaders, officials and law enforcement take comfort in knowing there are turnkey solutions that our team has experience delivering.    


    Every community is different because of unique individuals who call it home. However, many of the challenges and difficulties faced by local city and county governments, we have encountered, addressed and improved in communities across the country. It always starts with a conversation. 


    Using our internal community of engineers, technicians and vast partner community, we get to work designing a custom plan for your community. Morse Code IT was started with the intention of helping people and public service organizations. This is why we offer our municipalities zero cost consultation. 


    Many times, local governments start their tailored implementation by addressing their single biggest problem or concern. Whether that's crosswalk safety, park monitoring, smart lighting or the thousand other possibilities - it happens in phases as budget allows and priorities are uncovered.

    City Park Safety

    The public parks in our communities provide the public a small oasis to enjoy nature, recreation and a place socialize together. It's incumbent on community leaders and managers to ensure they remain a safe place while maintaining fiscal responsibility. This is why many cities are incorporating technology to prevent acts of vandalism, theft and illegal dumping. 

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    It starts with a conversation...                                                                        

    Our unique approach to IT allows us to fill the role of  trusted advisor, network architect, and cloud consultant to Business Owners, C-Level Executives, and every member of the IT staff. Clients that experience the greatest value from our organization are those that view our team as an extension of their own and put us to work.

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