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    Everything that touches the internet in your hotel.

    Morse Code IT was envisioned and built with hoteliers in mind. With 120+ years of combined IT/Telecom industry experience we know how fast things change. Whether you’re building a new hotel or just ready for a technology refresh of your existing properties (3-5 years + in age), sourcing & piecing together all your options is a cumbersome and time-consuming task.    We have inherently learned how to best deliver value beyond client expectations. We give hotel owners, GM’s, and management companies a single point of contact to source all their technology options in one place. 

    We Eliminate Your Busy Work

    Our main objective is to serve our clients by helping them make the decision making process effortless. We have the unique ability to install and configure the services of each provider we represent. We remain agnostic by displaying ALL the options available to our clients and then present them in a manner that is easy to consume and understand in one concise document.

    (1) We ALWAYS do the right thing for our clients

    (2) We serve our clients in everything we do

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    Our unique approach to IT allows us to fill the role of  trusted advisor, network architect, and cloud consultant to Hotel Owners, C-Level Executives, and every member of the IT staff. Clients that experience the greatest value from our organization are those that view our team as an extension of their own and put us to work.

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    We'll analyze the market and share our findings.

    Clients in receipt of our IT audit and analysis are consistently held in awe by the level of detail incorporated in our work. We take pride in knowing that our work is simply better than anything our clients have ever experienced. We know this because all our research, findings, and solutions are original custom designed specifically for individual clients.

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